FLEXI Continuous Monitoring Systems

FLEXI developed a 24-hour system to remotely monitor various parameters for e.g. pH level, levels of suspended solids in water, etc. so that users can access site readings through our online portal and / or be alerted via SMS when preset critical values are reached.

Our system integrates a sensor probe, a data display unit and a CCTV system to capture readings and show real-time water quality images. Specifically, how the parameters can be read depends on the types of sensors chosen.

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Features and Benefits
  • High precision water quality measurement
  • Real-time data analysis and display
  • On-screen real-time reading and chart
  • Web-based CCTV monitoring
  • Automatic SMS alerts sent to users
  • Monthly reports can be retrieved
Example of Image of Interface with readings of Total Suspended Solids
Readings at intervals can be accumulated and displayed in graphical format
Real-time monitoring of water quality
Applications in industries:
  • Highly pollutive industries such as dyeing, electroplating, semiconductor and PCB Board manufacturing
  • Groundwater, river, rainwater and ocean monitoring
  • Chlorination systems in swimming pools and for groundwater, recycled water or tap water
  • Purewater production systems
  • Aquaculture
  • Sewage discharge monitoring and biological treatment of sewage handling
  • Air pollution scrubber
  • Cooling towers
  • Applications with extreme water conditions, eg. High temperature, high alkalinity, etc

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