We are currently the South East Asian distributor for BioHitech America, a company manufacturing digesters that convert food waste to water.

Every business, regardless of size, has a responsibility towards the overarching ecosystem they operate in. Environmental sustainability and business continuity go in tandem therefore the solutions that we provide address both concerns at the same time.

We are currently the South East Asian distributor for BioHitech America, a company manufacturing digesters that convert food waste to water. Together with the in-house expertise of FLEXI Systems, we have integrated a modular electrolysis wastewater treatment system to treat the water discharged from the digester to one that can be reused for general cleaning purposes.

BioHiTech Eco-Safe Waste-to-Water Food Digester

The onsite digester converts food waste into greywater, thus eliminating the need for labour in dealing with food waste, storage in containers, haulage to landfills or incinerators.

This system is enhanced by real-time data being captured and pushed to the cloud, thus providing operational, financial and sustainability insights to reduce food waste costs.



Cloud-based Food Waste Management System

The BioBrain, a computing technology embedded into every Eco-Safe Digester, provides connectivity to the BioHiTech Cloud space. Internet connectivity is provided via LAN, WIFI, or 3G/4G data.

Utilization of BioHiTech Cloud is based on an annual renewable license.

The BioHiTech Cloud helps customers track and manage waste utilization using Cloud-based dashboards and reports.

BioHiTech service personnel receive alerts and diagnostic data, thus improving support response time and increasing customer service levels.

Network Security and Bandwidth


Main Dashboard gives an overview of equipment performance and Eco-contribution
Track and compare utilization across a time period or across different installation locations
Track and compare different types of waste streams

The BioHiTech Cloud delivers key metrics to optimize the waste disposal process

Real-time reporting provides visibility into…

  • Food management metrics
  • Portfolio-wide efficiencies
  • Department performance
  • Sustainability progress reporting
  • Predicting trends and patterns
  • Potential categories for re-use or donation
  • Single or multiple locations by: State, Region, Location, Shift, Season, Day, Month, Year

Audit Trail – supports growing environmental directives


This system can potentially be applied to any equipment that benefits from weighing and recording of waste such as balers or compactors.


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