The Singapore Public Utilities Board has made it mandatory for contractors to install silty water treatment systems at construction sites as part of their earth control measures.

Erosion is the process by which natural agents such as rainfall and wind wear down soil, rock, land or other material. Erosion can be prevented by amongst others, minimising the exposed area of bare soil and reducing the amount of time these areas are exposed to rainfall and wind.

To provide for intense rain events or poorly timed installations of erosion controls, sediment controls should also be effected to confine sedimentation within site boundaries.

It is imperative that a robust stormwater management programme use a combination of erosion prevention practices, sediment control and silty water treatment to prevent litter and silt from entering our drains or canals to achieve a smooth flow of stormwater in our waterways.

Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion can be prevented by covering bare soil with erosion control blankets that intercept raindrops before they impact the ground and dislodge soil particles.

Erosion Control Blankets are made of natural coconut or palm oil fibres. They minimise soil exposure to natural elements and are used to protect slopes, bare or newly planted soil and earth stockpiles.

We carry erosion control blankets that are made of natural coconut fibres with netting made from either PP or jute.

Erosion Control Blanket with [PP Netting]

Erosion Control Blanket with [PP Netting] Product Specs:

 Dimension (Per Roll)  Length 50.0m x Width 2.0m
 Length 21.0m x Width 2.4m
 Material  Coir Fibre, Straw, PP net and PP thread
 PP netting Mesh 9.0mm x 9.0mm

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Erosion Control Blanket with [Jute Netting]

Erosion Control Blanket with [Jute Netting] Product Specs:

 Dimension (Per Roll)  Length 50.0m x Width 2.0m
 Material  100% Coir , Jute netting and Jute thread

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Turbidity Curtain / Silt Curtain

Turbidity or silt curtains (also known as turbidity or silt barriers) are made of UV stabilized polyester woven geotextiles. These floating barriers are designed to contain and control the dispersion of silt or turbidity in water, and are commonly used in dredging, construction or reclamation activities.

It is important to choose the right turbidity curtain for your location. Factors to consider include application use, duration, water flow and current speed, wind speed and direction, and waves frequency and height.

• Prevents spread of soil and sand induced by coastal landfill construction
• Prevents contamination around nearby seaport and construction area
• Prevents contaminant spread during river dredging
• Protects sea farming and sea activities area from coastal construction harm

Product Specs:

 Dimension  Length – Available in 10.0m or 20.0m
 Depth – Customized to requirements
 Float Diameter – 300.0mm, 400.0mm, 500.0mm
 Material  UV Stabilized Polyester

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Silt Fence

Silt Fences are made with PP Woven Filament and are designed as a temporary sediment control barrier whilst allowing drainage.

Product Specs:

 Dimension (Per Roll)  Length 100.0m x Width 1.0m
 Material  PP Woven Filament
 Colour available  Black or Green

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