We advise and provide suitable control options to protect property from risks of flooding

Managing, mitigating and building resilience to the impact of extreme weather-related flood events have great impact socially and economically. The growing flood challenge due to increasing frequency and intensity of flood events – with potentially catastrophic consequences for life, economic wellbeing – is of great concerns for many countries.

Conventionally, heavy and bulky one-time use sandbags are used to protect against floods. In a flood emergency, minutes of precious time are wasted and much manpower that may not be immediately available is required in lining up these hefty sandbags that are also difficult to deploy and store.

NOAQ Boxwall

NOAQ Boxwalls are uniquely designed mobile flood barriers that can be quickly deployed to at risk flood locations. They are the obvious choice alternative to sandbags and can be re-used for multiple times.

NOAQ Boxwall is a mobile protective flood barrier that can dam water of height 50cm or create a diversion of water.

NOAQ Boxwall is designed to automatically anchor from the weight of flood water and is thus lightweight (approximately 3+ kg per piece). Notably, it weighs less than 1% of the conventionally used sandbags, yet the boxwall achieves the same efficacy of protecting floods as sandbags.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to use (No tools are needed)
  • Minimum manpower required
  • Fast deployment
  • Can be re-used
  • Stackable and little space for storage is required
  • Weighs only 3.4 kg – 6.2 kg each (depending on length of Boxwall)

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Dam Easy® Flood Barrier

Having experienced the devastating effect of flooding (and unable to find an effective solution on the market), All Weather Industries designed the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier.

The Dam Easy® Flood Barrier provides temporary flood protection for doorways.

How it works
  • Within suitable doorways, the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier extends to fit securely within reveals 780mm – 1100mm wide
  • Inflation of unique, patented inflatable seal creates a watertight seal in seconds
Features and Benefits
  • A unique inflatable seal (patented)
  • Simple and fast to install, no tools or trade skills required
  • No unsightly fixings that damage doorways
  • Reusable in different doorways/ properties
  • Extendable, for installation in doorways of various size
  • Peace of mind with independent testing and certification from EFPA and CE Marking


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