Sludge Dewatering Systems

We provide Sludge Dewatering Systems for dewatering of different water and wastewater sludges via a batch filter press or continuous belt filter press mechanism. Our system not only has attractive specifications, it is also energy-saving and gives reliable and consistent results.

The Sludge Dewatering Systems can be used in a large variety of different applications such as extracting water for discharge from tunnelling slurry in big civil engineering projects or process industries such as mining, pulp and paper, etc

Features and Benefits
  • Can be combined with pre-treatment systems customised by FLEXI
  • Our Systems are highly compact and can be quickly and easily transported and installed on site.
  • Different modules can simply and easily be assembled together to achieve desired treatment capacities.

FLEXI SD01 presses sludge in batches with cycle time of 15 – 25 minutes and has a maximum incoming sludge treatment capacity of 0.4m3/hour at 100,000PPM.

Product Specs:
Treatment Capacity 0.4 m3 / Cycle
Filter Cake Moisture Content Up to 60%
System Weight 6500 kg
Overall Dimensions 6000 mm (L) x 2200 mm (W) x 2500 mm (H)
Estimate Incoming Sludge Capacity Max 4 m3/hr @ 100,000 PPM
Power Requirement 3 Phases 415 V, 50Hz, 16kW
Estimate Cycle Time 15-25 Minutes / Cycle
Applications In Industries:
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Agriculture


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