Smart Litter Bins Management Systems and Water Quality Monitoring Systems to know more reliably and cost effectively.

At FLEXI, we are dedicated to growing ideas, researching and developing new systems and products, enhancing existing designs and marketing our knowledge to benefit our clients and provide them with an effortless experience in resolving their difficulties.

We strive to develop innovative smart solutions that manage and reduce pollution, while also improving and enhancing the way we work, live, and interact.

Our recent technology project challenged ourselves to create a cost effective, reliable and user friendly litter bins waste levels monitoring system. Our BrainyBins comprehensive Litter Bins Management System comprises of uniquely designed fill level sensing hardware and intuitive user-friendly software that gives you unprecedented insights to your waste management and cleaning operations.

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The above was developed at the back of our successful Continuous Monitoring System which continues to stay relevant for both the Singapore Public Utilities Board and building or civil engineering contractors. Since its first production in or around 2010, this system is always being improved to be used by the aforementioned parties to monitor the water quality of construction wastewater effluent discharged into stormwater collection channels.

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