We have a fleet of 6 Trucks and Tankers that supply over 300 sites across Singapore, our chemicals can be delivered in both 20L jerry cans for smaller ECM's or 1000L cube units.


Our chemicals have been tested on numerous sites and prove to be the more efficient solution.                    

  • Chemical 1: contains highest AI203 and lowest level of heavy metals in the market.                     
  • Chemical 2: contains high polymer content.     

Both chemicals with our ECMs deliver the most effective method of storm water treatment.

Our Service Commitment 

We have 3 methods of delivery. For large scale projects and longer-term projects our chemical tanker can deliver both chemical one and chemical 2 and pump your required volume at site. We operate either on request or a top up service is also available you will never run out of chemicals Available 7 days a week 3 delivery teams always on call!


3 Methods of Chemical Supply

Penalties for not treating water 

Under the sewerage and drainage act; offenders can be fined up to $5,000 for each offence of discharge of silty water, and up to $50,000 for inadequate earth control measures. Stop work orders may be issued until rectification of works are approved to be completed by PUB.

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