Our treatment systems are an effective solution to better protect against floods for the catchments. FLEXI is the first local company to design and manufacture a Singapore patented system to treat such stormwater surface runoff generated at development site.

Features and Benefits:

  • FLEXI ECM Systems are primarily made of fibre glass which is corrosion free. This reduces the costs of replacement and decreases the weight of the system, thereby facilitating transportation and relocation.
  • FLEXI ECM Systems have little moving parts and therefore require minimal operating and maintenance costs.
  • Due to their compact designs, FLEXI ECM Systems are highly mobile and easy to install.

Why we are the quality systems provider

  • Our systems are designed and developed by our team
  • We source all our parts and tanks, and fabricate and final assemble in Singapore
  • Our tanks are made from fibre glass and therefore corrosion free and eliminates the cost for tank replacement
  • Our systems are of the highest quality in the market
  • Designed to be efficient, simple to use and economical
  • Our capacity and flow rate is true as stated
  • We are able to manufacture any quantity requested and customise to request
  • All models are available to purchase as new or Reconditioned
  • Our patented surface runoff treatment systems use chemical flocculation and gravitational sedimentation
  • Our specially designed layout achieves effective removal of total suspended solids without the use of any mechanised mixer.
  • Our FLEXI ECM systems are designed to be economical, efficient and simple to use.

We sell our 7 ECM models in various ways: New / As New (Reconditioned) / Rental

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