Our systems are manufactured to the highest quality and competitor priced on a like for like comparison with our competitors.

Key features:

  • Real-time display of TSS values
  • Monthly water quality reports can be retrieved
  • Automatic SMS alerts sent to users
  • Data uploading via wireless network
  • Easy access to online display of images and data via smart phone and PCs without the need to install extra / specific software
  • Images imprinted with short description of project title and date / time stamp
  • Real-time display of colour images
  • Fully solar powered with no external power is required

What makes our TSS even better than the rest:

  • Our solar panels come with on fitted stand are 160w.
  • Our cameras are fitted on their own stand.
  • Our system comes with an IBC 1m3 eater collection tank.
  • Our system comes with a router
  • Our system comes with an 12v90ah gel battery.
  • Our system is built on a robust fabricated system stand.
  • We sell both New and reconditioned TSS
  • Our TSS are available to rent
  • We can repair and renew your existing TSS

How Flexi Systems How it works Image

Applications for use

Manufacturing Industries Water Works
Dyeing Mining Chlorination Systems
Electroplating Earthworks Water Recycling
Semiconductor Construction Pure Water Production
PCB Board Ocean Monitoring  
  River Controls  
  Sewage Discharge  
  Cooling Towers  


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